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mushroom powder

psilocybin powder  Magic Mushroom Powder is a one-of-a-kind spice blend that brings out the umami flavor.

(The Oregonian/Grant Butler)


When we try out recipes in the Foodday Test Kitchen, we constantly learn something new.

However, every now and again, we come across an item or technique that makes us reconsider everything we’ve done in the kitchen.

That’s exactly what happened when Magic Mushroom Powder was use.

It’s a spice combination with a trippy name, and while it doesn’t have any hallucinogenic properties, it is absolutely magical, bringing much-needed umami to everything it touches.


Umami is a difficult-to-describe fifth taste that is neither sweet, salty, sour, or bitter, but gives a savory and pleasing flavor to food. In the plant world, mushrooms are a rich source of it.

The new cookbook includes a recipe for Magic Mushroom Powder.

dried porcini mushrooms are ground into a fine powder and mixed with salt, red pepper flakes, and other herbs and spices.

We used it to season the panko crumb breading for fried tofu cutlets and to season roasted Brussels sprouts in the Test Kitchen.

In both cases, it took something that was already excellent and turned it into something so delicious that it had people do backflips unintentionally.

Everything from roasted chicken to grilled eggplant would benefit from this seasoning. That’s how wonderful it is.

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